The professionalism and necessary competencies are provided by a team with many years of consulting and industry experience, chosen with particular attention to the characteristics of the current and evolutionary profile of the Internal Auditor profession.
In particular, our professionals are able to support companies in the development and implementation of models of Corporate Governance and Internal Controls, with the objective of reaching, through a structured and integrated approach, the business targets with an effective management of business risks.
The Aristeia operating model is developed through the work of a team organized on the basis of seniority and that relies on the presence of the two founding partners, two Senior Managers responsible for the coordination, management and development of projects and resources, a Senior Consultant, a Consultant and an Assistant Manager.

The consulting done by the Company is typically organized by project, with the allocation of “Senior” and “Junior” resources done on the basis of competencies required to complete the specific activities of the project.


Jean Jaques Prati Lucca has been a lawyer for over forty years with a joint interest and dedication to both the civil and penal fields, having thus acquired a more complete panorama. He is a partner and owner of the Studio Legale Prati Lucca, which deals mainly with business, commercial, administrative and civil law. The activity includes business transactions, contracts, business and tax consulting, management of debt collection and general liability. He has collaborated on various initiatives of an entrepreneurial nature and, in particular, in the sector of Temporary Staffing, along with other professionals.

During the years 1999/2000 he was a founding partner of Società Openjob S.p.A. (now Openjobmetis S.p.A.) with the role of Vice President of the Board of Directors until 2007. Today, Openjobmetis S.p.A. is among the first five companies in the sector in Italy.

He has worked on, always within the business sector, creating synergies in order to offer services in the area of management and in particular debt collection.

He is a member of various Boards, and has also worked on restructuring of corporate assets and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Calzaturificio Skandia S.p.A., a company that today has revenues of over 30 million Euro.

He also does contractual and management consulting for several small companies in his territory.

Through the years, he has matured a significant experience in corporate contracts, such as shareholder agreements, transactions and national arbitration.

Outside of the company area, he also works on civil cases, specifically the protection of securities rights and property rights in general.

Furthermore, he works on family law with reference to separations and divorces and their economic consequences.

He speaks Italian and French.

Cecilia Prati Lucca has nearly 10 years of professional experience.
Before founding Aristeia, she worked as a consultant in the Business Advisory Services area of FIS SpA and in KPMG, both in the Audit Division in accounting and in the Advisory Division in the Risk and Compliance and Forensic areas of Consulting and as Internal Auditor.
She has built a significant  competence and specialization in the following areas:

  • Internal Audit in outsourcing/co-sourcing
  • Compliance Projects, in particular D. Lgs. 231/2001, L. 262/2005, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Foreign Corruption Practices Act, UK Bribery Act
  • Risk Assessment Projects aimed at the definition of Internal Audit plans
  • Forensic Accounting Activities, Fraud Investigation, Fraud Risk Management, Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Accounting

Principle clients include Gruppo Auchan, SMA S.p.A., Gruppo Maire Tecnimont S.p.A., Interpump Group, Cifa S.p.A., Zanetti S.p.A., S.I.P.A. S.p.A., Openjobmetis S.p.A., JOB Just On Business S.p.A., Leroy Merlin Italia S.r.l., Bricocenter Italia S.r.l., Gruppo Tozzi, Fujitsu Optical Components Italy S.p.A., Bayer, Schering Plough, Igeco Costruzioni S.p.A., Gruppo Eni, Fondazione Emilia Bosis.
Supervisory Bodies

  • Member of Supervisory Body of Cifa Mixers S.r.l.
  • Member of Supervisory Body of Cifa S.p.A.
  • Single Judge Supervisory Body of JOB Just On Business S.p.A.
  • Member of Supervisory Body of Com.Tel S.p.A.

Professional Qualifications

She has a degree in Economics of Financial Markets, from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano.  She holds the following certifications: Specialization Course for Supervisory Bodies Ex D. Lgs 231/2001, Diploma in Control and Internal Audit (Italian Internal Auditors Association).  She has been a member of the Italian Internal Auditors Association since 2013.  She speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Domenico Lascala has 14 years of professional experience, starting his career in Deloitte, where he worked on Business Process Outsourcing, Analysis, Diagnosis and Reorganization of Company Processes, Management Control.  He then continued in Protiviti and EY, expanding his experience in the areas of Corporate Governance, Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, L. 262/05 and D.Lgs. 231/2001.
He was also part of the Italian Internal Auditors Association as a Knowledge and Program Manager, with a role coordinating the areas of Strategic Planning and Institutional Relations, Scientific techniques and development, Editorial and Governance of Industry Committees.
He has significant experience in the areas of:

  • Process analysis and diagnosis
  • Internal Audit in Outsourcing/co-sourcing
  • Compliance Projects for Sarbanes-Oxley Act, L. 262/05, D. Lgs 231/2001
  • Risk Assessment Projects
  • Training

Key sectors: Manufacturing, Services, Large-Scale Retail, Utilities, Telecom, Public Administration, Finance

Professional Qualifications:
He has a degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milano. He also received the CRMA Certification. (Certified in Risk Management Assurance).

He speaks Italian, English and French.

Gisella Accadia has five years of professional experience.
Before Aristeia, she worked as a Consultant in the Business Unit-Business Advisory Services of FIS SpA. She acquired significant competency and specialized in the following areas:

  • Internal Audit in Outsourcing/Co-Sourcing
  • Compliance Projects, in particular D.Lgs. 231/2001
  • Risk Assessment projects aimed at the definition of Internal Audit Plans
  • Forensic Accounting

Key sectors include: Large-scale retail, Telecom, Services, Engineering, Construction, Public Administration
Professional Qualifications:
She has a three-year degree in Economics of Institutions and Financial Markets from the Università degli Studi di Foggia and then received a Masters Degree in Economics of Markets and Financial Intermediaries with a specialization in Management of Financial Intermediaries from the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”.
She has been a member of the Italian Internal Auditors Association since 2015.

She speaks Italian, English and French.

Luigi Errico is a consultant with Aristeia, where he works mainly on Compliance projects (in particular D.Lgs231/2001 and Law 190/2012) and Audit Tutoring within large industrial and large-scale retail companies as well as in Public Entities.
He has developed the following professional competencies:

  • Creation of Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis documents
  • Design and implementation of Organizational and Management and Control Models, in accordance with D.Lgs 231/2001;
  • Control interventions on Models ex.D.Lgs 231/2001 (audit activity related to key company processes and follow-ups)
  • Definition of information flows towards Supervisory Boards
  • Training activities on D.Lgs. 231/2001 and on the Models of Organization, Management and Control adopted;
  • Design of activities of Audit Tutoring (for example with regards to international standards defined by the International Professional Practices Framework and the key reference frameworks for the design of Internal Control Systems).ù

Professional Qualifications:
He has a Masters Degree in Management and Governance from the Università degli Studi di Siena. During his studies, he acquired various professional competencies, both through internships as well as work experiences for school credit.  During his university career he also received certifications for English (Level B2) and French (Level A2).
He has been a member of the Italian Internal Auditors Association since 2014.

He speaks Italian, English and French.