In the current macro and micro economic context, in which companies are maximizing their efforts to render production processes increasingly efficient, thus minimizing costs, attention to waste and economic losses – due in many cases to fraud, makes Forensic Accounting services crucial to companies, even as a preventive measure.

The activities performed by Aristeia in this area foresee assistance with prevention, identification and response to company fraud. For example:

  • Fraud Risk Management (identification, evaluation and management of fraud risks)
  • Third-party audits (support in the prevention of risks and in investigations of third parties – suppliers, partners, clients – with whom the company does business)
  • Fraud investigation (investigation of internal or external fraud or potential fraud)
  • Dispute advisory (support with arbitration or lawsuits)
  • Technical consulting for penal and/or civil trials (in accordance with D.Lgs 231/2001)
  • Intellectual property and contract governance (support in activities aimed at protecting intellectual property and the management of contracts, for example franchising, of companies)
  • Forensic technology (information and technological support during investigations).