INFORMATION ACCORDING TO ART. 13 OF D.LGS. 196/2003 (Personal data protection law)

According to D. Lgs. 196/2003, related to the protection of personal data, we inform you that Aristeia Risk Consulting S.r.l., through your use of some services present on this site, will come into possession of data related to you and your relationship with Aristeia Risk Consulting S.r.l.

In particular:

  1. with regards to contacts of a commercial nature, we refer to anagraphical data of your company, names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of employees that contact us or with whom we will later be in contact;
  2. with regards to contacts related to job searches, we refer to anagraphical data, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of the person that contacts us, as well as his/her curriculum vitae.

This data is and will be treated – through the use of automated systems or manually, if this is the case – in accordance with the law, following principles of lawfulness and correctness and to protect the privacy and rights recognized to you.

Your data cannot be used for any other purpose other than those indicated below and will be conserved exclusively for these purposes and not over the time required by law.

In particular, your data could be used to:

  • (a) in the case of 1) above, to initiate, on your request, an informative and commercial contact that could evolve, per your request, into a pre-contractual type of contact;
  • (b) in the case of 2) above, to initiate a future contact, upon your request and according to our needs, with the purpose of selecting potential collaborators;
  • (c) historical archiving of the above data.

We inform you, furthermore, that the sending of data necessary for the above purposes was requested by you and is instrumental for the future contacts requested by you. Your data will not be communicated to other subjects. 
You may at any time refer to the Owner of data treatment at Aristeia Risk Consulting S.r.l. in the legal headquarters of Milan, or to the person responsible for data treatment, the Sole Administrator of Aristeia Risk Consulting S.r.l., to assert your rights, as foreseen by art. 7 del D. Lgs. 196/2003.


Legal Notes

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In no case may Aristeia (a term that for the purpose of this paragraph includes also the administrators, managers, employees, consultants and collaborators of Aristeia Risk Consulting S.r.l.) be held responsible for events and/or damages that could be incurred by the user and/or third parties by the use of this site and/or its Content. The opinions expressed in articles, in editorial content and in general in the Content, do not necessarily represent the official point of view of the company, but that of the author of the article. In this sense, Aristeia Risk Consulting S.r.l. does not assume any responsibility for the opinions expressed. The information published do not have the scope of offering obligatory advice of a technical nature, therefore the reader must not trust these without having considered the option of getting an independent opinion, in the modality that the reader sees fit.


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According to art. 5 of law 22 april 1941 n. 633 regarding copyright protection, the texts of official acts of the State and public administrations, Italian or foreign, are not protected by copyright. The copyright, where indicated, is referred to the elaboration and the format of presentation of the texts.